How To Install Project Zomboid Dedicated Server to Centos Stream 9



SteamCMD by Valve is used to install and update this game server.


Steam uses appid 380870.
Update history is available from SteamDB.


Preparation and Dependencies
#dnf install -y epel-release && dnf update -y && dnf install -y vim mc htop net-tools bind-utils unzip lsof wget bzip2 traceroute gdisk open-vm-tools bash-completion
#dnf install -y curl wget tar bzip2 gzip unzip python3 binutils bc jq tmux glibc.i686 libstdc++ libstdc++.i686 java-11-openjdk rng-tools nmap-ncat
(python36 skip warning)


1. Create a user and login.

adduser pzserver && passwd pzserver 

su - pzserver
3. Download
wget -O && chmod +x && bash pzserver

3. Run the installer following the on-screen instructions.
./pzserver install

Basic Usage

./pzserver start
Usage: ./pzserver [option]

LinuxGSM — Project Zomboid — Version v23.1.0

start st | Start the server.
stop sp | Stop the server.
restart r | Restart the server.
monitor m | Check server status and restart if crashed.
test-alert ta | Send a test alert.
details dt | Display server information.
postdetails pd | Post details to (removing passwords).
skeleton sk | Create a skeleton directory.
update-lgsm ul | Check and apply any LinuxGSM updates.
update u | Check and apply any server updates.
force-update fu | Apply server updates bypassing check.
validate v | Validate server files with SteamCMD.
check-update cu | Check if a gameserver update is available
backup b | Create backup archives of the server.
console c | Access server console.
debug d | Start server directly in your terminal.
send sd | Send command to game server console.
install i | Install the server.
auto-install ai | Install the server without prompts.
developer dev | Enable developer Mode.
donate do | Donation options.

file settings server /home/pzserver/Zomboid/Server/pzserver.ini

Get the Workshop ID and Mod ID at the end of the description of the mod

And copy past here


1) MiniHealthPanel

2) 10YearsLaterOccupations

3) ProfessionFramework

4) UndeadSuvivor

5) MilPoncho

6) myclothinguimod

7) AuthenticZBackpacks+

8) FH

9) BedfordFalls

10) Brita_2

11) TheStar

12) Arsenal(26)GunFighter

13) Brita

14) tsarslib

15) modoptions




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