How To Install 7 Days to Die Dedicated Server to Centos Stream 9



SteamCMD by Valve is used to install and update this game server.


Steam uses appid 380870.
Update history is available from SteamDB.


Preparation and Dependencies
#dnf install -y epel-release && dnf update -y && dnf install -y vim mc htop net-tools bind-utils unzip lsof wget bzip2 traceroute gdisk open-vm-tools bash-completion
#dnf install curl wget tar bzip2 gzip unzip python3 binutils bc jq tmux glibc.i686 libstdc++ libstdc++.i686 telnet expect

(python36 skip warning)



From the command-line do the following. Ensuring you have also installed the required dependencies.

1. Create a user and login.

adduser sdtdserver && passwd sdtdserver
su - sdtdserver

2. Download

wget -O && chmod +x && bash sdtdserver

3. Run the installer following the on-screen instructions.

./sdtdserver install

Basic Usage

All Commands

A complete list of commands can be found by typing.
Below are the most common commands available.



./sdtdserver start


./sdtdserver stop


./sdtdserver restart

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